Flatsome WordPress Theme Review

Flatsome WordPress Theme Review

Flatsome is really great and the out-of-the-box WordPress WooCommerce theme. Mobile usability has improved greatly over the years. When building pages you can design mobile from mostly the same elements and it’ll look great with minimal tweaks.

Flatsome’s builder is still way more limited than other page builders say Elementor, but very easy to use in comparison and has most of the features you need, without the extra bloat. In fact, the builder covers most of the design needs with very little custom coding. To me, that is big as it keeps the site more lightweight overall which is good for SEO, etc

It’s easy for me to build upon whatever a theme might be lacking tho. But I can tell you this: With other themes, you’ll be spending too much time to get rid of the features you don’t need or to modify them to your liking. This all is much easier on Flatsome.
However, the upcoming major release of Flatsome will be fully compatible with WP’s Gutenberg block editor, so things might change a lot (code-wise). Keep that in mind if you start with the current version. For regular users who don’t go so deep to edit theme template files, there should not be such an impact.

So as long as Flatsome gets regular updates, it will remain one of my top choices for non-custom built stores.

I use and recommend 3 themes depending on the site:

  • Kadence Theme
  • Astra Theme
  • Flatsome Theme (Mostly for custom-built woocommerce store)

Elementor Hello Theme vs Astra Theme

Hello is fine, but it’s not for rookies, it’s a clean slate for writing your own CSS. If you can’t write CSS you shouldn’t be looking at Hello. I prefer Astra myself as a good theme for both rookies and people who know their way around CSS. Hello is great if you are using Elementor Pro. If you are using the free Elementor version, then Astra offers a lot of great and easy to use theme features that integrate wonderfully with free Elementor. Keeps it all free for the startup. I use Astra for all my quickstart sites as it is easy for clients to use. if you want to design your store from scratch Hello theme will be the best theme since the hello theme is a blank theme. but if you really want to save your time, I’ll recommend picking a theme which adapts well with woocommerce for example, Astra theme.

Flatsome vs Divi Theme

No comparison. Flatsome more speciality in E-commerce, but Divi4 is speciality in creating websites , blo etc and still new in E-commerce. I recommend Flatsome for my store sites and DIVI for business sites. I would never switch my store to DIVI. I tried divi for ecommerce, it needs a lot of time. but it could give higher flexibility. depends on what kind of project you will build.

Flatsome theme vs Porto Theme: Which one is better for SEO?

Does not matter, maybe Flatsome a little because it’s lightweight. But SEO is not something you do with your theme but with your content, an SEO plug-in (like Rankmath), and with your own knowledge. I have worked on both, I found flatsome far better than Porto, Flatsome is lightweight and its UX builder is the powerful and lightweight tools to build almost any kind of design, it easy to use and time-saving. I am not a regular user I can work with complex builders as well but why waste your time on a complex builder like WPBakery page builder when you have a lightweight easy to use and above all more powerful tool.

Does Yoast SEO work with Elementor?

I have always just used Yoast Premium with Woocommerce add-on and it has worked well. Issues between Flatsome and Yoast have come up but they are never show-stoppers and are usually resolved in a month or two.

Does Flatsome work with Elementor?

Why wouldn’t it work with Elementor? These page builders works with any theme. I don’t see why Elementor wouldn’t work with it. But here’s the catch, Why use flatsome with Elementor when flatsome has its own builder? 2 builders, slow page.

Which is the best web hosting for Flatsome Theme?

I recommend CloudWays because when you install plugins you need to increase processor and ram you can do this easily on Cloudway also can decrease as you wish any time and pay monthly or yearly as you wish. SiteGround has issue’s in shared hosting and dedicated hosting too much costly.
remember that when your website starts you need resources of server time by time.

WP Fastest Cache vs WP Rocket Caching Plugin for Flatsome?

Wp rocket no matter what the theme is, I’ve tried every other cache plugin

Flatsome WordPress Theme


Flatsome Ease Of Use


Value For Money


Flatsome Theme Support



  • Lifetime updates for free!
  • One of the best Woocommerce Theme
  • Easy Installation Process
  • Fully RTL Supported and SEO Optimised
  • MailChimp and Contact Form 7 integration


  • Switching to other themes is difficult
  • Steep learning curve than other WooCommerce themes
  • Bloated Theme

One Comment

  1. Flatsome Ease Of Use


    Value For Money


    Flatsome Theme Support


    I love Elementor, but Flatsome is a really solid theme as far as a Woocommerce geared theme. UX Builder isn’t as feature-rich as Elementor Pro, but it’s not bad by any means. Whether I’d recommend converting would really depend on the site. There’s definitely nothing wrong with Flatsome though, and in my case, my first step would probably be to see what would be required updating while keeping it.

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